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Learn what you need to know about caring for your dog’s teeth and gums with the dual-action power of FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM.

FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM Chews are made of carefully selected ingredients to effectively prevent plaque build-up in a tasty, mouth-watery treat dogs will look forward to. Ingredients include tapioca starch, glycerin, pea starch, wheat gluten, gelatin, chick pea flour, sorbitol, powdered cellulose, soy lecithin, natural flavor, potassium sorbate (a preservative), vanillin, hydrolyzed vegetable oil, saccharin sodium, alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin e).

The calories per chew vary by chew size. Chews for X-Small dogs (5-10 lbs) have 23 kcal per chew ME (metabolized energy). Chews for Small dogs (10-25 lbs) have 44 kcal per chew ME (metabolized energy). Chews for Medium dogs (25-50 lbs) have 77 kcal per chew ME (metabolized energy). Chews for Large dogs (50 lbs and over) have 124 kcal per chew ME (metabolized energy). 


The expiration date for FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM Chews can be found on the back of the packaging, right next to the barcode. Make sure to reseal the package after every use to keep every chew you give your dog at its best, most chewy and delectable texture.

Daily Care for Your Dog's Teeth and Gums

Try FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM. Find the size that’s right for your dog. Available for purchase online or at your local store.

The importance of good dental health

Preventing plaque and tartar buildup is a fundamental part to your pet’s long and healthy life.

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