Plaque is just the beginning

It may be invisible, but plaque can cause very real problems in your dog’s mouth. So it’s vital to stay a step ahead with a daily oral care routine.

Did you know?

Most puppies have their full set of adult teeth at 6 months of age. Start early and help protect their teeth for a lifetime of healthy chomping.

Did you know?

Persistent bad breath in dogs can be a sign of plaque and calculus buildup.

Did you know?

Oral health issues are more common in smaller dogs.

Tips for good Oral Healthcare

Looking after your dog’s teeth and gums

Brushing your dog's teeth isn't always possible for pet owners. FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM Chews are a great option to provide your dog with the daily oral care they deserve.

Get regular dental checkups at the vet’s office. The amount of time between visits could depend on dog breed, size, and general health.

Give your dog one FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM Chew a day.

Watch out for signs of gum disease like bad breath, inflamed or bleeding gums, or appetite loss.

One chew is all it takes

Each dual-action FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM Chew works two ways to promote your dog's oral health.


Scrub away and prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, cleaning all the way to the gumline.


Coats the entire mouth like a tasty toothpaste for a whole-mouth clean that lasts.

Try FRONTLINE Oral DefenseTM Dental Chews

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